Asia is known by the world for its long history and enriched culture. As Asians moving into the North America, they also brought their friendliness, music, and culture into this continent. After generations, Asian culture is no longer its own wealth; rather, it has become one of the most important elements in North Americans’ lives, and is shared and enjoyed by all ethnicities. The way to build your social network is not only limited to people who you share same ethnicity background, but also to people who you share common interests and knowledge. The winners in all social segments are those with broad knowledge of all cultures, able to deal with people with diverse backgrounds, and easily fit in the environment around them. In the past, people joined the social clubs and attended the church events on Sunday mornings to meet the people and make friends, which can be limited by time, place, and the number of people participated in the same events. To overcome these obstacles, provides an online platform for everyone who are interested in Asian music and culture, willing to make friends, and grow the social circle. With, you can explore and share the joy anytime, anywhere, all at your fingertips

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