• Title: Still 24K
  • Artist: 24K
  • Runtime: 4:39   Language: Korean
  • Date: August 21, 2016

Want to have your adrenaline pumping while listening to a catchy beat? ‘24K’ is back strong with their single ‘Still 24K’. The South Korean boy band held their first European concert in Warsaw, Poland early in the year before releasing their single in August 2016. The boy band which consists of seven members, really showed off their different talents in this music video. From rapping, to dancing, to singing and acting, the music video will have you glued to your screen the entire time.

The video itself tells a dramatic, action-filled story. The cinematography is amazing, making you feel like you’re actually watching a movie instead of just a music video, it consists of romance, action and drama but yet manages to make everything flow seamlessly. The music video shows the resilience of the members as they power through every obstacle that’s presented to them, the lyrics reflect that as the song talks about not giving up even fall down and to keep looking ahead no matter what others say.

Viewers are sure to appreciate the powerful song while watching the gripping video that’s sure to keep one on the edge of their seat.

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