• Title: Promise (I’ll be)
  • Artist: 2PM
  • Runtime: 3:28   Language: Korean
  • Date: September 25, 2016

Listen to the new song, "Promise (I’ll Be)", recently released by popular South Korean boy band 2PM. The song is part of their new sixth studio album "Gentlemen’s Game". The song starts off sounding similar to a ballad but eventually picks up the beat and incorporates different music styles such as pop and rap. The lyrics of the song portrays a forlorn lover who is pining for his significant other, willing to do whatever it takes just to be by his lover’s side.

The members of 2PM are able to depict these raw emotions well through their emotionally charged music video. There’s a contrast seen in the video between being happy with their lover and torn from not being by their side. At the same time, the members of 2PM also show off their sleek dance moves in sharp suits which go along with their smooth vocals.

Their talent is not to be taken for granted since 2PM had just recently celebrated their eight year anniversary. On top of that and the release of their new album, they are also preparing for their concert on October 26th and 27th at the Tokyo Dome.

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