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  • 831 - The Last Day of Summer (八三夭)
  • Taiwanese male idol band, 5 members include Lee Xian Pu (阿璞), Yang Jia Yun (小橘), Deng You Zong (霸天), Liu Yan Hui (劉逼), and Cai Yi Zhan (阿電)
  • Formed in 2004. In 2008, they gained Mayday (五月天)'s attention with album "Save The World" (拯救世界)
  • Record Label: Rock Records & Tapes (Present); B'in Music; Universal Music Taiwan
  • Albums: Puzzling World (迷惑世界); Save the World (拯救世界); The Last 8/31 (最後的8/31); The Great Escape (大逃殺)
  • Popular Songs: Why I Cried (我怎麼哭了); The Runaway (大逃殺); The Best Ending (最好的結局)
  • Awards: The Most Potential Band (HITO Pop Music Award); Hong Kong Metro Broadcast the Best Cpop Band
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“Sweetheart”, “Darling”, “Honey”, “Baby” – men give all sorts of sweet...
Skater kids are not necessarily street kids, because they possess unique personalities that bad kids don't have. In The...
What does it take from "don't go" to "let go"? From "The Best Ending" (最好的結局) in...
Eye rolling is a common reaction when people get irritated or feel speechless. It can not only roll away the irritation, but...
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  • Survival Guide (生存指南)
  • Album  ·  December 30, 2016
  1. Survival Guide: Instructions (生存指南-使用說明)
  2. The Hunger Games (飢餓遊戲)
  3. Skater Kids Won't Be Bad (玩滑板的孩子不會變壞)
  4. Not Your Business (不關你的事)
  5. Cheers! (乾啦 乾啦)- Feat. Ashin & Richie Jen
  6. Mama Says (老媽最常說的十句話)
  7. Liver Lover (小心肝)
  8. Roll Your Eyes (翻白眼)
  9. Quotes of Bullshit (廢話語錄)
  10. I Don't Want to Change the World (我不想改變世界, 我只想不被世界改變)
  11. Before Dawn (黎明來臨前的夜晚總是最黑暗)
  12. The Most Dangerous Stuff in the World (世界上最危險的東西就是希望)
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