• Title: Liver Lover (小心肝)
  • Artist: 831
  • Runtime: 4:08   Language: Mandarin
  • Date: June 18, 2017

Sweetheart”, “Darling”, “Honey”, “Baby” – men give all sorts of sweet pet names to their beloved female partners, but have you ever heard of “Liver Lover”?

831 featured “Liver Lover” (小心肝) in their most recent album “Survival Guide” (生存指南), which describes a hilarious courtship process, where the man calls the girl his “Liver Lover”. The lyrics, written by Lee Xian Pu of 831, plays around with the phrase “Xiao Xin Gan”, which has a dual meaning of “Be careful of your liver” and “Sweetheart”. The song talks about man who recounts his lovely interaction with a girl, where they chatted the whole night and hence the girl said: “take care of your liver”. With the pun, he starts to call her “sweetheart”, who he lovingly said that she’s also a “troublemaker” yet someone he loves dearly.

831 composed this adorable love song with a touch of the 90s rock, adding a cheery and light-hearted mood to the song, which matches the quirky and amusing story of the music video. It talks about a girl who likes to drink, which can be damaging to the liver, and runs away from a Chinese clinic to get treatment. 831’s vocalist Lee Xian Pu and keyboardist Yang Jia Yun acted as the liver in the video, as the girl drinks beer, the livers seem to be working hard. They then try to send out a warning red light to remind the girl to take care of her health, before her liver starts failing. She decides to “love” her liver and drink milk instead of beer, which ends the interesting story of a love-hate relationship between the girl and her liver with a happy note.

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