• Bio
  • 8utterfly (real name undisclosed)
  • Origin: Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan
  • Female Japanese singer-songwriter
  • Genres: J-POP, Rhythm & Blues
  • Inspired to pursue music by her musician father, she began her career with the stage name Koyumi in the Fukuoka, uploading early songs to the Mobage social network site from 2007
  • Major solo debut in 2011, with the release of the single “Tabidachi links Waist - female edit” when she changed her name to 8utterfly.
  • Record Label: Warner Music Japan
  • Albums: Diary, Present, girl, CRY, #ヤミギャル (#Gale of Darkness)
  • Popular Songs: More Than Friends, Less Than Lovers (友達以上、恋人未満); However, I Can’t See Anything But You (だけど、キミしか見えなくて); Love You, Love You, Love You But…(好きで、好きで、好きなのに...)
  • Videos
RED THREAD (赤の糸) by 8utterfly is the 13th and final closing track of her latest album, wordrobe. The title and video draw...
8utterfly’s “Let’s Meet Again, In The Next World” (また、来世で)is a song that discusses the...
  • Albums
  • wordrobe
  • Album  ·  July 19, 2017
  1. wordrobe -intro-
  2. Let's Meet Again, In The Next World (また、来世で)
  3. The Final Farewell, The Final Confession (最後のサヨナラ、最後の告白)
  4. Always Your Next Step (いつだってきみのとなり) feat. SNEEEZE fr Ninja Mob
  5. Actress
  6. Mikazuki
  7. I Won’t Acknowledge, I Won’t Acknowledge (ミトメナイミトメナイ)
  8. Lifelong Love That Won’t Disappear (消えない生涯の恋)
  9. It Doesn’t Matter Who (ダレデモイイ) feat. SLOTH
  10. Small Love Story ~Still, I Love You~ (小さなラブストーリー~それでも君が好き~)
  11. To Know The pain Of Being Separated (離れる痛みを知るために)
  12. closet -Interlude-
  13. Red Thread (赤の糸)
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