• Title: Let’s Meet Again, In The Next World (また、来世で)
  • Artist: 8utterfly
  • Runtime: 4:40   Language: Japanese
  • Date: July 2, 2017

8utterfly’s “Let’s Meet Again, In The Next World” (また、来世で)is a song that discusses the dynamics of a romantic relationship that ultimately is failing to work. It is written from the perspective of the woman watching her man drift away, drawing on both the positive and negative memories that the relationship has given her thus far to process her lingering feelings for him. The MV tells the story of two lovers who are growing apart because they, quite literally, do not see eye to eye. This is cleverly utilized in the filming where the man does not ever look at her in the eye, which is what his lover is actually yearning for.

Notably, the song largely utilizes the past tense, which denotes the fact that the relationship she is thinking of is one from the long-gone past. The lyrics reveal to us her conflicting views she holds of her lover, as one whom she deeply loves yet has some parts of him that she hates, as well as the different, and unfortunately incompatible approaches both parties had in the relationship, such as the man’s tendency to view even special occasions like birthdays as insignificant events, a view that the woman does not share, leading the relationship to collapse. These reveal to us the recurring motif of duality (male/female, love/hate, past/present), which further underscores the idea of separation that is central to the song.

Yet, she holds on to a positive, even if fleeting hope for the future, that they can meet in the next word if rebirth is possible. The concept of rebirth and a second life, an attempt to restart the relationship again also feeds into the parallel storylines of the video, one of a modern-day couple amongst lush greenery, and another couple from older times in a sandy beach/desert setting. Here, the first case denotes the lush growth that the relationship has gone through in this life, and led to its failure; the second, devoid of any such greenery, depicts her desire to reset the relationship to its beginning stages again. this is also the title of the song, making a clear change in direction from the past to the future. Through this, she makes a stand against the negativity of her current reality with a more positive view for the future, even if it is uncertain.

On that forward-looking note, 8utterfly’s 6th album wordrobe is set for release on July 19 2017.

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