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  • A-Lin (阿玲; 黃麗玲)
  • Born on September 20, 1983 in Taiwan (Virgo)
  • Aboriginal Taiwanese pop singer, lyricist, songwriter
  • Made her debut in the world of music at the end of 2006, achieving rapid commercial success
  • Record Label: Avex Taiwan (2005-2013); Sony Music Taiwan (2014-Present)
  • Albums: Guilt (罪惡感); What Comes After Happiness (幸福了, 然後呢); We Will Be Better (我們會更好的); Loneliness Is Not The Hardest Part (寂寞不痛)
  • Popular Songs: Give Me A Reason To Forget (給我一個理由忘記); Blessing From The Best Friend (好朋友的祝福); Embracing In The Crazy Wind (狂風裡擁抱) (feat. Xin); 920 (feat. Xiaoyu)
  • Awards: Jade Solid Gold Song Awards - the Most Popular Mandarin Song
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Music is like a string that pulls like-minded people together, saving isolated souls from their lonely planets. Ever felt that...
A-Lin's (阿玲) newest single, Pseudo-Single, Yet Single (未單身) is a love song that reflects a phenomenon existing in...
Life is short, and will not stop for anyone. As the life clock goes on and on, how to live the best of your life? In...
  • Albums
  • A-LIN
  • Album  ·  September 20, 2017
  1. Pseudo-Single, Yet Single (未單身)
  2. The Unknown Me (無人知曉的我)
  3. The Song You Picked Saves Me (你點的歌救了我)
  4. As You Like It (隨心所遇)
  5. Ok Or Not Ok? (好, 不好?)
  6. Sea Of Light (光之海)
  7. Madame So So Nice (太太太耐斯)
  8. Best Actor (最佳男主角)
  9. #LOVE (#愛)
  10. More Than You Asked For (不要不要的)
  11. GO (一直走)
  • Pseudo-Single, Yet Single (未單身)
  • Single  ·  August 16, 2017
  • GO (一直走)
  • Single  ·  June 28, 2017
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