• Title: The Song You Picked Saves Me (你點的歌救了我) ft. J.Sheon
  • Artist: A-Lin
  • Runtime: 3:41   Language: Mandarin
  • Date: November 5, 2017

Music is like a string that pulls like-minded people together, saving isolated souls from their lonely planets. Ever felt that nobody seems to like your favourite song or share your music tastes? A-Lin is telling you that music has the power to bring you new friends and new life!

In her new song, “The Song You Picked Saves Me” (你點的歌救了我), A-Lin worked with Taiwanese singer J.Sheon to share their love of music. J.Sheon not only takes part in composing and writing the song, he also performs a duet with A-Lin, creating a perfect synergy between the two. The song lyrics talk about a person who is “saved” from loneliness, as she realises someone shares similar music tastes as her. This new friend eventually becomes her soul mate, who brightens up her life and makes life more meaningful. The song is composed in the 80s, 90s Retro R&B music with Hip-Hop style, which not only accentuates A-Lin and J.Sheon’s energetic voices, it also brings back a sense of nostalgia – as if the duo have known each other for long.

Following the music style, the music video is filmed in an American retro setting, where J.Sheon and A-Lin are singing in a vinyl record store. A-Lin in her refreshing short and chic hairstyle, found J.Sheon on an album cover, and when the song is played, their hearts connected instantly. Being new found friends, they hang out together, dancing, visiting a salon and playing bowling, expressing their happiness of having a new soul mate. They are both featured in the same album at the end, no longer singing alone, and celebrate the new found meaning in their lives.

The song is also the opening song for Taiwanese drama “Memory Love” (噗通噗通我愛你). A-Lin will also be holding her “Sonar World Tour” in Taiwan on January 13, 2018.

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