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  • Formerly known as “AOA” is a female twins cantonese pop singing group - Elder sister Wu Yanshan, Annelle (吳燕珊) and younger sister Wu Yanjing, Annice (吳燕菁).
  • Can perform wide variety of dance included jazz dance, Hip-Hop, ballet, and folk dance.
  • Debut since 2012 from Gold Typhoon, a company under Warner Music Group Company.
  • Popular Songs: Presumptuous (放肆), Come back home (回家), Long Hair (長頭髮), Love Me, You Ain't Comin' Back.
  • Awards: Best Producer Award in Inter-municipal dance competition (市級校際舞蹈比賽), Best New Singing Artist in 9th Hit Song Award (第九屆勁歌王 ) and Best Sing Dance Artist in Metro Music Awards 2015 (新城勁爆頒獎禮2015 ).
  • Advertisement: Nokia Lumia 830, Biotrue One Day (博士倫全舒適隱形眼鏡), Ham Food (火腿食品)
  • Films: Girls Club (女人俱樂部), Heavy Flavor (重口味)
  • Show host: Welcome Thailand (泰國駕到), Odd Dance Flying (奇舞飛揚)
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“You Ain't Comin' Back” is a masterpiece by female twins Cantonese pop singing group, A2A. This is one of...
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  • You Ain't Comin' Back
  • Single  ·  April 20, 2016
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