• Title: You Ain't Comin' Back
  • Artist: A2A
  • Runtime: 3:23   Language: Cantonese
  • Date: May 29, 2016

You Ain't Comin' Back” is a masterpiece by female twins Cantonese pop singing group, A2A. This is one of the songs being collected in her new single “You Ain't Comin' Back” which was released in April 2016. In addition, Gareth Chan (陳考威) is the composer, lyrics writer and producer for this song. C君, Gareth Chan (陳考威) and Ghost Style have brought a strong sense of Western style party dance, trap and rap content into this MV. This is the first time rap content is being added in their song which is the most challenging part for A2A. In the MV, A2A is performing a series of sexy and seducing party dance with other professional dancers which definitely give us a fantabulous visual and audio experience.

The lyrics talk about guy’s tactics in love which contain sweet words and lame excuses that girls are getting bored with. Instead, girls are setting free from all of these and enjoying the rhythm of the party in the club. By listening to this song, you can really feel the rhythm and beat are overwhelming with girl’s extreme emotion when they want to get rid of the unrealistic love. - Love, Lies, Excuses, Freedom -

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