• Title: Cocoa (ココア) by MisaChia
  • Artist: AAA
  • Runtime: 4:45   Language: Japanese
  • Date: February 12, 2017

Cocoa” is a sweet, melancholy offering from AAA members Misako and Chiaki (MisaChia) off of the upcoming album “WAY OF GLORY,” which comes out February 22.

This breakup song has a nostalgic and slightly melancholy tone, yet it doesn’t completely give in to sadness – it has an underlying optimism to it as well. MisaChiai sing about moving on and forgetting about this lost love. In the lyrics they equate forgetting their lover’s face with the way cocoa dissolves into warm milk; slowly and maybe not completely.

In the video, Misako and Chiaki are engaging in a number of silly, playful activities with one another in the countryside, like running through the grass and riding their bikes around. When they are shown apart, however, they look as if the memories of the breakup have returned to them as they look off into the distance with sad expressions. The video seems to imply that although breakups are difficult and take time to overcome, having a friend close by can take away the pain and help with the healing process.

The outtakes from the filming of the video are included at the end and are incredibly adorable, too! Misako and Chiaki seem very fun to be around and it looks like they get along really well!

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