• Title: LIFE
  • Artist: AAA
  • Runtime: 4:01   Language: Japanese
  • Date: October 15, 2017

LIFE by AAA is the title track of their latest single, which also shares the same name. An upbeat song, it discusses the theme of always having a forward-looking perspective of life.

In line with this theme, the lyrics repeat how life is always “going on”, and that one’s focus should always remain on what lies beyond the immediately foreseeable future, which is the best way to find fulfillment in life, as well as to always hold close the human relationships that will stand by our side as we move through life.

Both these ideas of the continuous forward march of time, and of the importance of human bonds is clearly captured in the visuals, which begins with the members making BBQ food with a large crowd, and then featuring the band going on a long road trip together, making stops where they meet others and enjoy themselves every step of the way. Here, the journey and the experiences it brings becomes more important than reaching the destination.

On a related note, AAA will be holding multiple live events in Japan, starting from October. The song will be used as the theme for Fuji TV’s new drama, “Enemy of The People ~ In The World, Is It Not Strange!? ~” (民衆の敵~世の中、おかしくないですか!?~) which will begin airing on October 23.

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