• Title: NEW
  • Artist: AAA
  • Runtime: 4:09   Language: Japanese
  • Date: May 29, 2016

"NEW" is meant to showcase the "new," post-10th anniversary AAA, and is the group's most recent single. "NEW" is a relaxing song about feeling refreshed and enjoying yourself in the summer sun. The lyrics are sprinkled heavily with English, which aside from the chorus makes little sense but adds to the fun and carefree tone of the music.

In the MV, each member of AAA is engaged in a different activity, from shopping for vegetables to going out for a drive; and despite some mishaps (one is almost arrested) everyone expresses the enjoyment one can have while going about everyday life. Between choruses, each member is featured in a solo portion; showcasing each of their unique vocal styles.

"NEW" is also being used as part of advertisements for Sprite soda, though aside from at the very end the MV has very little product placement. From May through July 2016, AAA will be performing in a variety of Japanese cities on their "AAA ARENA TOUR 2016 - LEAP OVER -."

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