• Title: Mercy of You (吃定我)
  • Artist: AGA
  • Runtime: 5:01   Language: Cantonese
  • Date: July 29, 2017

Can you imagine living a life without colours but only black and white? A life filled with a heartbreak so deep and painful that it is never fascinating anymore?

In AGA’s new song, Mercy of You (吃定我), she has once again delicately performed a song that resonates with those who are going through a broken relationship. The lyrics are written by famous lyricist Lin Xi (林夕), which talks about a woman who watches the man she loves getting together with another woman. She struggles between being heartbroken, acceptance and anger, but also realises that she is under the mercy of him – unable to protect herself or trying to fight back from the hurt that was caused by him.

In the music video, the metaphor of white candle is very cleverly used to describe the story. A candle brings light by sacrificing and igniting itself, just as how a woman would when she loves a man. AGA was also featured in the video, wearing a gorgeous white dress lying or sitting with a sea of black and white artwork. It brings across a strong visual message that a woman should be enjoying a colourful life, most importantly for herself, and not slowly losing part of her and getting burnt out in the relationship.

This dark and sorrowful song is also beautifully composed by AGA herself, who attempts to create a spiral effect in the song’s rhythm and composition, just as how a woman is unable to leave the current state of her emotions and relationship. It seems to make women who are going through an unhealthy relationship ponder – should you continue to live in a monochromic world for the man who is not worth your time, youth and life? Or should you blow out that candle, live for yourself, and shine like you’ve never before? AGA blows out the candle at the very last scene of the video, which seemingly tells all women to take over the steering wheel of your life and stop living under the mercy of that man.

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