• Artist: AKMU
  • Runtime: 4:43   Language: Korean
  • Date: July 29, 2017

AKMU brings out a sense of adventure in the music video for their new single, “DINOSAUR”, a song from their newest album Summer Episode. The whimsical music video follows the two siblings as they explore everyday scenes and lush forests, looking for the supernatural. With an airy EDM beat, gorgeous music video scenery, and curious search for the meaning of the dinosaur, “DINOSAUR” is a truly creative song-music video combo.

While AKMU searches for a dinosaur in the music video, you can’t help but search for the meaning of the ‘dinosaur’ in their lyrics. “DINOSAUR” tells the story of a happy childhood; but, even though the story is happy, AKMU describes their fear of a ‘dinosaur’. This dinosaur walks through dreams, scares an entire family with its roars, and scares them until they’re determined to find it. As AKMU sing, saying one day they will bravely roar back at the dinosaur, it is hard not to search for a deeper meaning in their mysterious lyrics.

Sometimes, children use their imaginations to transform their everyday world into something magical. Maybe “DINOSAUR” is a story about facing your childhood fears, and standing up for yourself. Or maybe AKMU wants to share their dreams of dinosaurs. Either way, the song’s beautiful vocals and music video’s fantastic creatures are something you’ll want to share and discuss with a friend!

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