• Title: Last Goodbye (오랜 날 오랜 밤)
  • Artist: AKMU
  • Runtime: 4:47   Language: Korean
  • Date: January 15, 2017

With the start of the month, everyone is getting into the swing of things and it’s probably getting pretty hectic. Why not wind down with the new song released by AKMU titled ‘Last Goodbye’. The song, composed and written by Lee Chan Hyuk, is part of the album WINTER which contains eight tracks. AKMU comprising of two siblings shot to fame from winning the second installment of the K-pop Star Series and their talents are certainly evident.

The song ‘Last Goodbye’ is heart wrenching yet beautiful at the same time. The song talks about past relationships and recounts the feelings that come with them. The lyrics brings up the time of being in a relationship with someone that they cared about but also knowing that it was going to end and the pain that comes from it which can be interpreted from ‘I can’t sleep in the dark, I can hear you sobbing’.

The video is just as bittersweet with AKMU singing together at a campfire under a starlit night as they reminisce on their past relationships with their previous lovers and the experiences that came along with it. AKMU’s voices really go along together with the theme of the song as it’s really raw and you can hear the pure emotion come through.

This talented sibling duo is sure to pull at your heartstrings with the song’s gentle ballad paired with their melodic voices and resonate with a part of everyone.

Watch AKMU - Last Goodbye - SBS Inkigayo
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