• Title: Sweet Temptation
  • Artist: Aldious
  • Runtime: 5:01   Language: Japanese
  • Date: July 10, 2016

"Sweet Temptation" is one of the songs off of Aldious' album "Radiant A." The song was written by Re:NO and composed by Toki, and the MV was directed by Ramon Boutviseth. The song is one that hard rock and metal enthusiast can appreciate, even if you do not understand the lyrics.

The MV is simple, well edited to the beat of the song. It shows Re:NO walking through a sketchy area where she's surrounded by Vampires. The whole song talks about being scared of the temptation. And asking yourself why you're scared. That her beautiful swaying hair will entrance those around her and draw them to her. The song ends by asking, "Is it a sin to want you to want me?" Giving the song a much more thoughtful and darker meaning.

Overall it's a song that will tempt you to hit the replay button repeatedly. Aldious is performing live on stage in Osaka on July 16th and in Mie Prefecture on July 29th.

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