• Title: Without You
  • Artist: Aldious
  • Runtime: 4:33   Language: Japanese
  • Date: December 10, 2017

Aldious’s ‘Without you’ is a single from their previous album ‘Unlimited Diffusion’, and the band released their new album ‘We Are’. The song portrays the thoughts and feelings of a girl in love, guiding us through her weakness and insecurities.

The girl starts by describing how through her tears she sees the gentle expression on her lover’s face. While she wants to be with ‘you’ (the girl’s lover) more than anything, she can’t help but think about if she would be not good enough for ‘you’, or if other girls out there would be a better choice. To her chagrin, she could not express her feelings properly, and feels suffocated by the deepness of her love. Eventually, she decides to believe in ‘you’ and herself, and make sure her relationship goes well with her newly found self confidence.

In the music video, the girls in the band use a comic like style to reinforce the way the protagonist immerses in her love affair. The frame is of an irregular rectangular shape, and the background changes between patterns of lines and glitter usually found in comics. The way speech bubbles are used in the video indicates how the protagonist could not get her messages through successfully, although in the end she is able to share a kiss with her lover behind one speech bubble.

Aldious’s ‘Unlimited Diffusion Tour’ will take place in Tokyo on the 27th of December.

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