• Artist: [Alexandros]
  • Runtime: 5:05   Language: Japanese
  • Date: February 5, 2017

"SNOW SOUND" is one track of the newest single from [Alexandros]. The single comes with instructions on how fans can enter a contest in which they have a chance to win either an original snow globe, an original snowboard-type nail file, or entry into a lottery for [Alexandros] ' April 22nd "BACK STAGE TOUR."

In the MV for "SNOW SOUND," two young people meet by chance, and find comfort in comforting one another. They fall in love, and we look over their shoulders as they exchange a few mysterious text messages: "When?" "Tomorrow?" "It's supposed to be really cold tomorrow. Sounds good." The pair go out on a snowy day, and after playing and enjoying the scenery they settle down quietly, enjoying one another's presence and listening to the sound of the falling snow. "SNOW SOUND" is about the way in which one person can change your life. Even if you feel that you have become hardened and chilled by life, the right person can draw you out and bring a thaw to your heart. This song is also a bit of an ode to the winter snowfall. Even once we grow up, [Alexandros] sings, we may find ourselves smiling at the sight of freshly fallen snow just like when we were children.

"SNOW SOUND" is featured in an ad for JR SKISKI, a Japan Rails campaign to get people going on skiing trips. [Alexandros] ' "-Tour 2016~2017 ~We Come In Peace~-" began in 2016 and ends on April 23rd, 2017. It includes stops all over Japan as well as outside of the country.

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