• Title: Swan
  • Artist: [Alexandros]
  • Runtime: 4:51   Language: Japanese
  • Date: September 11, 2016

"Swan" is a new single by popular Japanese band [Alexandros]. Right from the start you can tell that the beautiful piano and intense drums are the hallmark of this particular song. The music video has a more subtle tone, black and white, than the vibrant vocals and instruments which creates a nice dynamic between what is seen and what is heard. It's like [Alexandros] is giving you twice the value for this music video. It also mirrors the lyrics by having the various band members "walk around restlessly without a sound, without a sound." Perhaps it was this line that inspired the black and white style of the video?

An interesting tidbit about this song, it was originally composed because the band was approached to make it the theme song for the TV show, "ON Abnormal Criminal Investigation Officer Hinako Todo", a series based on novels written by Ryo Naito. The band will start their Tour 2016-2017 〜We Come In Peace〜 from November this year until early January next year.

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