• Title: Tomorrow, again (明日, また)
  • Artist: [Alexandros]
  • Runtime: 5:08   Language: Japanese
  • Date: December 27, 2017

Tomorrow, again’ by [Alexandros] is a single in his new record single of the same name and it's the commerical song for Clorets, the chewing gum products. The song compares people’s ideas across different aspects of life and those of their childhood, concluding that gathering up courage to face challenges is the best way to become stronger.

The first topic in the lyrics is about the effect age has on us. We get farther and farther away from friends and have less and less faith in realizing our dreams, eventually losing both. The lyrics then address the audience in second personal pronouns, claiming that it is because we are too eager to protect ourselves from the unknown and escape that this happen. Other examples include not being able to love someone entirely because of the fear of getting hurt, but how the scars it gives us actually serves as a proof of our existence.

The music video features Japanese actor Masaki Okada and the video utilises various editing techniques to reinforce these ideas. Instances of overlapped footage of lowered opacity can be found in the video multiple times, symbolizing the smooth transition between the ways of thinking of past and present. The motorcycle ride at the start refers to the journey of life, while the scenes with mountains that reinforces a source of both challenge and possibilities that could lead to courage which helps us in many ways.

This song addresses us directly to promote a fearless attitude towards life, where we become more resilient to failures and accept ourselves as who we are.

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