• Bio
  • Amber An (安心亞 An Xin Ya)
  • Real name: Liao Jing Ling (廖婧伶)
  • Born on September 18, 1985 (Virgo) in Taichung, Taiwan.
  • Record Label: Wonderful Music Co. Ltd; Fortune Entertainment Co. Ltd
  • Debuted in February 2009 on an impersonation reality show and shot to fame through modeling and acting.
  • Debuted as a singer with the album E Nu (惡女) in 2011.
  • Albums: Sing For You (單身極品), With You (在一起)
  • Popular Songs: “Don’t Cry”, “Selfie”
  • Dramas: Prince of Wolf (狼王子), To the dearest Intruder (致, 第三者), Jhong Wu Yan (鐘無艷), Apple in Your Eye (妹妹),
  • Movies: The Big Power (大顯神威), Westgate Tango (西門町), The Stolen Years (被偷走的那五年)
  • Awards and achievements: Yahoo Most Popular Female Artist, Golden Bell Awards (Best Variety Show), MTV Top 10
  • Also an actress, MC and can play multiple instruments (guitar, piano, ukulele and drums)
  • Videos
Worrying about looks or getting fat? Amber An (安心亞) tells all girls how to live a life beautifully in her new song...
Who doesn’t want a beautiful life? In many girls’ dreams, a handsome guy is a necessary factor to build a beautiful...
Amber An released the MV for Stop Hang in There (別再撐了). The album it belongs to, Live Beautifully (人生要漂亮)...
  • Albums
  • Live Beautifully (人生要漂亮)
  • Album  ·  October 27, 2016
  1. Super Zhuai (Super跩)
  2. Handsome Guy (靚仔) ft. Show Lo
  3. Stop Hang in There (别再撑了)
  4. Yao Ai De Mi Xin (要爱的迷信)
  5. Live Beautifully (人生要漂亮)
  6. Magnifying Glass (放大鏡)
  7. Kiss me
  8. Man Tuo Luo (慢陀螺)
  9. B Life (B生活)
  10. Zuo Huo Xing (做伙行)
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