• Title: Stop Hang in There (別再撐了)
  • Artist: Amber An
  • Runtime: 6:00   Language: Mandarin
  • Date: October 30, 2016

Amber An released the MV for Stop Hang in There (別再撐了). The album it belongs to, Live Beautifully (人生要漂亮) will be released on Oct. 31, 2016. Written by Li Ronghao, this is a heartbreaking ballad with a melancholy tune.

The movie-like MV starts with a wedding, but there’s no happiness. The people leave and Amber cries alone in the church with the fallen petals. She walks barefoot back home, where her light is broken and flickering. A man from the wedding, her ex-boyfriend (actor - Lawrence Ko), comes. Amber asks if they can go back to before and Lawrence says they're both tired. But she sings sadly that she understands after loving for so long they can’t find the paths they walked before and are trying to find romance alone. Why force affection when love is already gone? Through flashbacks, we see how everything is different now. In the end, Amber fixes the light herself and puts on her shoes. She buys flowers for herself and she moves on.

For anyone who has gone through a breakup, this song sings to your heart and it’s worth a listen.

Watch Amber An - Stop Hang in There - Behind The Scenes
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