• Bio
  • Andrew Tan (陳勢安)
  • Born in Malaysia on June 4, 1984 (Gemini)
  • Studied Finance in Tunku Abdul Rahman University College
  • A makeup artist before his debut in the music scene
  • Started singer career by winning the 2nd place in Malaysia Astro New Star Competition. Gained popularity in Taiwan with his album "Queen".
  • Record Label: Warner Music Taiwan Ltd; Star Entertainment; Eagle Music Production Co. Ltd.;
  • Albums: "Queen" (天后), "Love Again" (再愛一遍), "It Has To Be You" (非你不可)
  • Popular Songs: "Must Do" (勢在必行), "It is OK to Pain" (再痛也沒關係), "101 Times Heart Beats" (101 次心動), "Love again" (再愛一遍)
  • Awards: 2nd place in Malaysia Astro New Star Competition; Golden Microphone Award in TVB Chinese New Stars Singing Contest; HITO Most Potential Male Vocal in HITO Pop Music Award.
  • TV Drama: 4 Gifts/The Gifts, What Is Love
  • Videos
What is the best way to manage your emotion after a break-up? In Andrew Tan's “Loser” (敗將), he shared his...
Included in Andrew Tan’s (陳勢安) newest album “Dear Paranoia” (親愛的偏執狂), Blue Love Theme...
  • Albums
  • Dear Paranoia (親愛的偏執狂)
  • Album  ·  October 14, 2016
  1. Blue Love Theme (好愛好散)
  2. Both Hurt (俱傷)
  3. Loser (敗將)
  4. Newbie to Love (練習愛情)
  5. Summer Romance (夏戀)
  6. Everyday Valentine (天天情人節)
  7. Hey, Sweetie (嘿,親愛的)
  8. Paranoia (偏執狂)
  9. Cut The Crap(不要廢話了)
  10. Unfair (不公平)
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