• Title: Blue Love Theme (好愛好散)
  • Artist: Andrew Tan
  • Runtime: 4:49   Language: Mandarin
  • Date: October 23, 2016

Included in Andrew Tan’s (陳勢安) newest album “Dear Paranoia” (親愛的偏執狂), Blue Love Theme (好愛好散) echoed to many people’s paranoid mentality in love. Blue Love Theme is composed by famous Singapore composer Kenn C, and is the theme song for the Korean Drama “Doctors.” With the partnership of the top Singapore-Malaysia drummer Gary Gideon, the slow-rock melody caught many people’s ears.

The lyrics entailed a reality that even the deepest love can expire. It may be easy to be brave to love, but it can be real hard to be agile to break up. Although ending the relationship is painful, acting tough and sore maybe just because it is reluctant to put the sweet times behind and be lonely.

The music video started with a girl (stared by Gin Oy 歐陽靖) shot her ex-boyfriend, and brought the audience into two parting couples’ courses of breaking up. In both the stories, the persons ended the relationships acted angry and grieved. Although it might be the other person’s fault, they were very cruel to the ones they used to love. Gin acted as a guide to them, and brought them back to the scenes of the happy moments these couples had together. Looking back, it made them realize love comes and goes. They should enjoy the moment of love, and leave the anger and grief behind when the love is gone.

Andrew’s Blue Love Theme is truly a master piece that get many people’s sympathy. He will have autograph sessions in Taiwan between October 23 through October 30.

Watch Andrew Tan - Dear Paranoia - Album Highlight
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