• Bio
  • Angela Chang (Zhang Shao Han - 張韶涵)
  • Born in Taiwan on 19 January, 1982 (Capricorn)
  • Mandopop singer, actress, producer and female footwear designer
  • Debuted in 2002 first as an actress, then in 2004 as a singer
  • Record Labels: Linfair Records (2001-2011), Wonderful Music (2012-2015), Ocean Butterflies Music (2016-present)
  • Popular songs: Yin Xing De Chi Bang (隱形的翅膀), Yi Shi De Mei Hao (遺失的美好), Bu Xiang Dong De (不想懂得)
  • Awards: Best voice and stage performance in Hito Music Awards, Best album “Angela Zhang”, and top 5 most popular singer in Global Chinese Music Chart
  • Albums: Ang 5.0, The 5th Season, Visible Wings, Angela Zhang
  • Drama: My MVP Valentine, At the Dolphin Bay, Bump off Lover, Romantic Princess
  • Films: Love Message, Lane 256 in 10+10, Shadow of Love
  • Videos
Cherish your loved ones, before it’s too late. “Before Goodbye” (再見之前) is the first hit song featured...
  • Albums
  • Head Over Heels (全面淪陷)
  • Album  ·  July 21, 2016
  1. Not Afraid (不害怕)
  2. First Page (第一頁)
  3. Before Goodbye (再見之前)
  4. At Last (終於)
  5. No Regrets (不後悔)
  6. Forgotten (忘了)
  7. Go
  8. Head Over Heels (前面淪陷)
  9. Hold Your Faith (把你信仰)
  10. Do You Still Remember (還記得嗎)
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