• Title: Meg The Little Witch (魔女っ子メグちゃん)
  • Artist: ANGERME
  • Runtime: 3:09   Language: Japanese
  • Date: July 11, 2017

Meg The Little Witch by ANGERME is a clever subversion of the male attraction to females, by openly highlighting how the male view of females is often superficially focused on external and physical appearances, and how girls can use this as a tool to manipulate guys, even from their teen years as soon as their transition into physical adulthood begins.

Perhaps the most novel aspect of the MV in relation to its theme is its unapologetic lack of subtlety, featuring the members dancing on a stage, announcing their status as women and not children, with the lyrics openly exposing their tricks of false tears or enchanting men with their breasts to get what they want. The extent of the power their physical attractiveness provides them is also made extremely clear with the line, “the two bosoms in my chest are the evidences of me being able to do anything”, suggesting that being born as an attractive girl is the ultimate tool and weapon necessary for success, which they have been fortunately blessed with.

On a more visual level, the superimposition of two different members on the King Poker Card reveals the two-faced nature of such manipulation, and implies that it gives them power similar to royalty.

This makes for great irony when viewed alongside the line, “The little witch Meg is sneaking into your heart”, as the males are being directly informed that they are falling for the girls.

On a larger level, this is also a rather satirical commentary on the wider otaku culture where fans can have imaginary relationships with idols and remain ignorant of this all simply being a fantasy.

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