• Title: Tear-Colored Decision (ナミダイロノケツイ)
  • Artist: ANGERME
  • Runtime: 4:53   Language: Japanese
  • Date: June 25, 2017

"Tear-Colored Decision," or "Namida-Iro no Ketsui," is part of ANGERME's newest single. This song is about the aftermath of one of the many difficult choices that we often find ourselves faced with as we grow up: moving away to pursue a dream, at the cost of leaving behind people we love. No matter the strength of one's ambitions, such a decision can be a very painful one to make; with many tears shed on both sides.

The elegant dance performed by ANGERME in the song's MV frequently features the gesture of an outstretched pinkie finger. This may serve to symbolize the pinkie promises to remember and to wait for one another that are exchanged when two friends or lovers part ways. Or, it may symbolize the mythical red string of fate, which is said to stretch from your pinkie finger to the pinkie finger of the person you are fated to love, even if you and they are far apart or have never met. When thinking of a dear someone who is far away, many people may take comfort in the notion of a metaphysical connection linking them with that someone, or in remembering the feel of their two fingers curled around one another in that mutual pledge.

ANGERME will be performing in summer and fall 2017 as part of the Hello! Project 2017 SUMMER concert tour. This concert tour will be stopping at a variety of locations within Japan.

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