• Title: Excuse Me
  • Artist: AOA
  • Runtime: 4:13   Language: Korean
  • Date: January 8, 2017

AOA made their much anticipated comeback, their song ‘Excuse Me’ was released on their first Korean studio album titled ‘Angel’s Knock’ through digital and physical platforms. Erik Lidom who is a famous songwriter and producer who wrote for famous artists like ‘Girl’s Generation’ and ‘Arashi’ also had a part to play in writing the song.

Excuse Me’, a retro dance song, really packs a punch with AOA’s strong, upbeat vocals, the beat is addicting and will definitely have you dancing along. The music video is really intriguing to watch because of the unique plot and the different clothes that the girls are dressed in. As the music video takes place in an older time period, the girls are dressed accordingly and they all portray detectives with different motives and characters in a bid to investigate a mysterious man. Even with the cute factor, AOA does’t fail to show off their sensual side as well especially in the dance portion where they’re all dressed in more revealing clothing with cheeky dance moves.

Even though the music video seems to imply that the girls were trying to investigate a mysterious man. It seems more that they were intrigued by him and wanted to find out more. The lyrics ‘but there is something I have to say... can I have your number, now hurry’ tells that exact story as the woman had fallen in love with the man and wanted to gather more information but could’t stop herself from ‘acting like I’m crazy, like I’m hypnotized’.

AOA’s ‘Excuse Me’ is a really fun number and a great comeback for this energetic girl band, it’s a song that you definitely don’t want to miss!

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