• Title: Cause You're My Star (별의 별)
  • Artist: Apink
  • Runtime: 3:17   Language: Korean
  • Date: December 23, 2016

Celebrate Christmas early with Apink! Cause You’re My Star is the newly released song and MV by the girl group. This lovely song, written and composed by Duble Sidekick, Saebyeok and Jinri, is part of the first special album Dear.

The members play different roles in the music video. Some are painters and photographers; others tend to flowers and hold a tea party with stuffed animals. There is also a Christmas tree full of presents and festivity. The MV has a sweet tone, accentuated by the pastel colors and soft lights.

The girls have bright smiles and twinkling eyes. The dance choreography shows their innocent but sexy side, especially when they transition to black and white outfits.

The song and album can also be interpreted as to thank the fans who support Apink. The fans are their stars, staying by their side on the dark night, when everyone else has gone to sleep. If you see it as just a typical love song, it is still very sweet. They aren’t jealous of the shining night sky, because they have love. And they aren’t afraid to say it either.

The catchy chorus and beat makes you want to get up and dance. It’s a light tune, perfect for the holidays. Let’s continue supporting Apink too and follow their promotional activities for Dear!

Watch Apink - Special Album Dear - Preview
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