• Title: Orion
  • Artist: Apink
  • Runtime: 3:37   Language: Japanese
  • Date: November 19, 2017

Apink’s 9th single, Orion, is a ballad that portrays the girls thoughts after parting with people who mean a lot to them. While acknowledging that they left in pursuit to a brighter future, the girls bury thoughts of love and longing deep in their hearts and promise to themselves to work hard to keep up with their love interests.

The lyrics use second person pronouns throughout to address the audience and appeal to the eagerness of the girls to talk to ‘you’ directly. Starting with a memory of another summer night, where ‘you’ talked about looking for the Orion star in the sky, the song goes on to portray the feelings of the girls after they part with ‘you’. They think about what-ifs, replaying past situations in their mind, and find out the only thing that does not change is their feelings toward ‘you’.

The door is a recurring theme in the video, with the girls opening them to reveal a summer night sky decorated with countless stars. If the doors are considered to possess the magical ability to take the girls anywhere they wish, they choose the night sky, where they can become stronger comforted by the fact that ‘you’ are watching the same sky. At the end of the video, the girls hold out items of memory, including a book, a cassette tape and a stuffed animal, to ‘you’, symbolizing that they have freed themselves from reminiscing endlessly about the past and could now focus on the present.

Thinking about the life ‘you’ lead now, the girls realise that they never found the courage to confess their love because of the fear of impeding the bright future of ‘you’. This in turn fills them with the courage to hold on to their feelings and work harder.

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