• Title: Choose me
  • Artist: BAND-MAID
  • Runtime: 3:46   Language: Japanese
  • Date: July 16, 2017

"Choose me" is a track from BAND-MAID's newest single. "Choose me" is about the heart-pounding and passionate side of love and desire. According to the chorus, love as an invisible illusion that brings all secrets out into the light. The other lyrics describe wanting to be ever closer to someone, dissatisfied with simple embraces, looking to discard the sweet in favor of the thrilling. If you're not prepared to face this intensity, BAND-MAID declares, then you can say goodbye.

Though the video for "Choose me" is relatively simple and essentially features the band performing in a clean white space in their trademark maid-style clothing, the power of their performance results in a highly energized and exciting MV.

BAND-MAID is scheduled to have a busy year, with their "Would you like to burn or Moe? Which one?" BAND-MAID Okyuuji TOUR Autumn-Winter 2017 (which begins September 24th and ends November 24th, 2017, and features stops all over Japan), their "BAND-MAID WORLD TOUR 2017 「Burn! Burn! BAND-MAID Moe Moe Cune」" (which begins November 3rd, 2017, and features stops in the UK, France, Germany, and Spain), and quite a number of other live performance events.

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