• Title: Honeymoon
  • Artist: B.A.P
  • Runtime: 3:41   Language: Korean
  • Date: September 17, 2017

Lighten up your days and free your minds with B.A.P’s new song entitled “Honeymoon”, a trendy pop dance music colored with dreamy, fascinating whistle sounds and guitar riffs, which gives the song an addictive element. “Honeymoon” is from B.A.P’s 7th single album entitled “BLUE”, the last album from Trilogy of B.A.P’s Color Series following the albums “NOIR” and “ROSE”.

B.A.P sings about growing stronger, feeling alive, and throwing away fearful thoughts and complications just like the moonlight shining brighter to cast the darkness of the night aside. In the song’s lyrics, B.A.P compares this feeling of freedom to the feeling of ‘honeymoon’. B.A.P narrates about how fighting with the world, rising against the odds through complaints and justifications and fighting for the truth boils down to a painful reality: the world simply turns away from the truth. Despite all that, B.A.P encourages us to listen to the voice within our hearts, to live in the moment and realize that everything is okay. Life according to the song, in as much as it is blurry, is colorful and that we can continue to dream and do our best to enjoy it even during the roughest of times.

The song “Honeymoon” is about looking for the meaning in life, and the hope it brings, utilizing its colors and lights against hardships and trials. B.A.P makes use of the color “BLUE” for the album name to symbolize freedom, complementing the song’s message of overcoming suppressed reality. “Honeymoon” is an inspiring song that is pleasantly addictive. Give the song “Honeymoon” and the music video, with its refreshing ocean-view and outdoor aesthetics, much love and support!

Watch B.A.P - Honeymoon - Dance Practice
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