• Title: Wake Me Up
  • Artist: B.A.P
  • Runtime: 4:12   Language: Korean
  • Date: March 19, 2017

Wake Me Up is the darkly enchanting new song from B.A.P’s single album ROSE. Composed by Gabriel Brunell Brandes, David Fremberg and Secret Weapons, Wake Me Up features lyrics by Mayfly, Keyfly, nd the band’s members, Zelo & Bang Yong-guk.

The lyrics of Wake Me Up narrate the feeling of being pained, broken and feeling trapped within a society that is cold and threatening. The innocence of childhood has disappeared with age, with a corrupt and fearful society contaminating the people’s minds. They describe the desperate search for a light within your soul, to break free and find your true self.

In the music video, B.A.P sing in a gloomy house with vintage walls, the scenes flash between different persons, each by themselves and struggling with who they are and the pain they feel inside. They become more and more self-destructive, until TVs in a small store start to show B.A.P singing and holding flames. A sun is seen rising behind a silhouette, hinting towards an awakening, the revolution they’ve all been waiting for. Right outside the store, the people start lighting flames, holding flares and dancing. They are finally waking up.

The music video makes several nods to the album’s name, Rose. In earlier shots, flashes of a single rose lying on the floor are seen, while later on, the struggling persons who have become happier are seen holding a single rose and smiling. At the very end, each B.A.P member can be seen holding a single, red rose.

Look out for B.A.P’s world tour World Tour Party Baby, which opens in Seoul and continues at several locations in the U.S., according to their official Facebook page.

Watch B.A.P - Wake Me Up - Dance Performance
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