• Title: Butterfly
  • Artist: BEAST
  • Runtime: 3:41   Language: Korean
  • Date: July 3, 2016

BEAST came out with a new music video, Butterfly, which is part of their upcoming album, Highlight, that will be released on July 7, 2016. The video is filled with the vibrant colors of nature and watching the boys sing so naturally as they hang around their "spots" gives the song a sense of serenity and peace even though the song is a bit sad.

The song is about how the one that they love has flown away and has left them feeling hurt and alone. However, there is a sense of peace because in the lyrics, the boys sing that they couldn't stop the girl from leaving because when she "flew" away, she was so beautiful, like a butterfly. Similarly, when people come across a beautiful butterfly, we can't help but let them go because that beauty belongs to nature.

In the song, the boys do not blame the girl for leaving and thanks her for having shared her love to them. It is almost like saying that if letting her go makes her happy, then that makes the boys happy, as well.

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