• Artist: Big Bang
  • Runtime: 4:56   Language: Korean
  • Date: December 23, 2016

This is what we’ve all been waiting for—Big Bang has finally released a new song and MV! But the song, LAST DANCE from the full MADE album, also represents something we don’t want. It expresses farewells and memories.

With lyrics and composition by G-Dragon, T.O.P and Taeyang, the song and MV are infused with nostalgia. The simple instrumental lets us focus on the voices and lyrics. G-Dragon sings of how friends have left him as he matured. But for Seungri, people stayed in the past and the world is going without him. There are flashbacks of children playing as Taeyang reminisces on the dream-like memories of the past. And indeed, the MV is like a dream.

The shots are rarely straightforward, always rotating and circling. The scenes are slow and subdued, letting the emotion in the song ring out even more. Faceless crowds walk back and forth, but the Big Bang members stay still. They don’t truly belong in this world that is always moving and leaving people behind.

In a shower of confetti, Daesung promises that he will return to sing this song again. Dance for the last time and preserve this moment. T.O.P sings about his loneliness, but raps about the beauty and ecstasy he experienced during the last dance.

At the end of the MV, the five are finally together in the same scene. Though it’s a love song, it seems that Big Bang also wrote and sang this for each other. In the future, they might have a hiatus or even disband, but they’ll definitely return to sing it again. VIPs (Big Bang’s fans) can anticipate the digital release of MADE on December 23rd.

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