• Title: All You Did (都是你害的)
  • Artist: Bii
  • Runtime: 5:32   Language: Mandarin
  • Date: July 10, 2016

All you did, was leaving me an empty and unfeeling heart. Bii made his fans go all eye-teary with him in his new ballad “All You Did” (都是你害的) from his newly released album “I’m Bii To The Double i”. This song expresses the deep sorrow of losing a loved-one, by putting blame on the person who had left, that has made the night a lonely and sad one.

In the MV, Bii lost his memories, and three people brought him to visit the tomb of his loved one. A drop of tear started trickling down; as he felt an unforgettable pain of losing the person he loved. Bii took part in the process of composing the melody, which is brought out beautifully by his voice interwoven with arrangements of the harp, violins and cello, bringing out the melancholy of the song. He also showed his vocal prowess by recording the song in “One Take”, meaning he would record the whole song again if any mistakes were made.

This song is also the ending song for the Taiwanese drama “Better Man” (我的極品男友). Bii will be in Taiwan to perform his songs live on stage in his Catch Your Double Eye Concert on July 16.

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