• Title: Nothing At All
  • Artist: Bii
  • Runtime: 4:26   Language: Mandarin
  • Date: September 24, 2017

One of the deepest kind of love is where one gives his all to another, to the point where separation or losing the loved ones causes the greatest amount of pain, losing himself and the meaning of life.

Bii (畢書盡) recently releases a ballad “Nothing At All” that sorrowfully portrays a man who had lost the love of his life. The lyrics is written by Chen You Qi (陳又齊), who also participated in the composition of the song together with Bii. It talks about a man who is in immense sadness, as his lover has left him, as though he has lost everything in life and becomes nothing at all. He screams “Don’t leave me” yet unable to change the way how things turn out. The song is well-composed in English Rock style, together with Bii’s soft yet smoky voice, carries the feeling of agony in a strong yet subtle way, bringing the audience into the singer’s world of grief pain.

The video features Bii himself as the protagonist singing painfully, while superimposing happy memories of him and another woman. The colourful lights on the video’s dark background creates a dreamy yet dark atmosphere, which expresses the mental state of the protagonist perfectly. The video ended powerfully with vivid images such as dropping of ring, red bloody rose and broken mirror, which represents the protagonist’s loss of love, himself and life.

This song is the opening song of the Korean drama “The K2”, which is aired in Taiwan on September 7.

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