• Title: Think of You (我想你了)
  • Artist: Bii
  • Runtime: 4:48   Language: Mandarin
  • Date: October 22, 2017

One of the most unfortunate events between a couple is being unable to be with each other, or even worse, for eternity.

In his new song “Think of You” (我想你了), Bii (畢書盡) sings a sorrowful story of a man missing his lover. Written by Gyniuz Chen (陳又齊) and composed by both Gyniuz and Bii, the soft ballad brings listeners into the sorrowful world of a man, who cries “I am thinking of you” again and again, wishing that his lover would come back. However, he looks around and remembers that she’s gone. What’s left in his mind are their happy memories – the morning hugs, the goodnight kisses and the moment when she turned her back away. The song is featured in his fifth album, Bii Your Light, where Bii reaches one’s deepest and raw emotions with his charming and beautiful voice.

The music video featured Bii himself and Megan Lai (賴雅妍), who acted as the couple in the story. Bii was seen wearing his pyjamas and singing by the bed, seemingly watching a video of his lost loved one. He reminisces all their past happy moments, her face, her playing the guitar, and every moment being with her. From the couple’s superb acting and cinematography, it has suggested that she has left him or the world, leaving Bii to look worn out and in agony, while Megan tears in sorrow. Missing one’s lost lover is a bittersweet moment, as it ended with Bii’s faint and weary smile, and a pair of resolute eyes looking into the future.

Think of You” is also the ending song for the Korean drama “1% of Anything” (1%的可能性).

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