• Title: Promise The Star (プロミスザスター)
  • Artist: BiSH
  • Runtime: 4:31   Language: Japanese
  • Date: March 19, 2017

Promise The Star” is BiSH’s 2nd major single which will be released on March 22nd, 2017. The music video is produced by Kazutoshi Fuku and directed by Hidenobu Tanabe. The choreography is created by BiSH member AiNA THE END.

This music video consists of two settings; one with a high school girl played by Makoto Tanaka, and the other with BiSH members performing the song on top of a building at night. The video starts with the high school girl walking through a town as her face is clouded with emotions, corresponding with the beginning of the lyrics “how long have I been walking… I’ve spent everyday being afraid…”. But at one point, she drops her bag from her shoulder, suggesting she is ready for change, and she starts running as if she is trying to leave all her troubles and worries behind, and let go of a grudge which often exists in friendships from “misunderstandings” and “selfishness” as is mentioned in the song.

Also, the BiSH members’ costumes resemble straitjackets which seem to symbolize how trapped people feel being in a toxic relationship or a friendship that is going sour. The music video shows how the girl breaks through her fears and empowers herself to take control of her future. At the end of the video, she finds a building with bright lights just like the one where BiSH is performing the song. She rushes up to the top to find nothing but lights pointing up to millions of stars shining down on her hopeful, confident smile.

The storytelling of this MV is beautifully done, and features an exciting laser-like search-light show and high-angle camera work to take this music video to the next level. The song's upbeat sound and catchy chorus are addictive, and its theme of empowerment is relatable and relevant to a wide audience.

According to their official website, BiSH NEVERMiND TOUR RELOADED will kick off on April 1st, 2017, at Miyako city, Iwate-prefecture, and make stops throughout Japan including Okinawa prefecture. The Final performance will be on June 25th, 2017, at Kobe city, Hyogo-prefecture.

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