• Title: SMACK baby SMACK
  • Artist: BiSH
  • Runtime: 3:51   Language: Japanese
  • Date: December 27, 2017

'SMACK baby SMACK' is a single in BiSH’s major 2nd album “THE GUERRiLLA BiSH”. The song deals with a fairly untouched topic about romantic love that is open to interpretations.

The lyrics start with recounting the protagonist’s history of relationships, where she used to take a predominated role and be emotionally dependent on her partner. However, she could not accept herself acting like that, calling herself a ‘parasite’, and finds a way out of the habit. She decides to slowly reverse the roles of her and her partner and eventually make them the one who enjoys being controlled. Alternatively, it could be interpreted in a way such that the protagonist has been through a process of self-awareness where her mind matures.

The graphic elements in the music video are closely tuned to the beat of the music, complementing the mysterious atmosphere of the lyrics. The scene starts with members of the group getting off a car inside a dimly lit garage, with a male figure kept on a chair. The red and black uniform of the girls corresponds to the main colors in the background, creating a balance in color scheme. As scenes featuring the man on the chair gradually build up, the girls dance more fiercely in the foreground, and in the end the passion grows into a fire that lights the scene.

The rock and roll style of the song is remarkably well-delivered by members of the idol group, forming a stark contrast between innocence and fierceness.

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