• Artist: Block B
  • Runtime: 3:04   Language: Korean
  • Date: February 12, 2017

Block B is back as their cheerful selves this February with a new digital single, “YESTERDAY”! Block B members Park Kyung and Zico participated in the production of this refreshing pop track, with Park Kyung as both composer and lyricist and Zico as co-lyricist.

Block B is well-known for their funky music color and equally funky music videos as seen in their previous works such as “H.E.R” and “Very Good”. This new single is a great addition to their line-up of upbeat tunes as the overall vibe of the song is nothing short of fun and playful. The music has an alternative punk style based on a shuffle rhythm. The lyrics are about a guy whose girlfriend is unfortunately not very faithful to him and he is asking her “What did you do Yesterday?” and to tell him the truth as he already knew about her lies. Dishonesty in relationships might be a serious problem but in “YESTERDAY”, Block B is keeping things light-hearted and easy to listen to.

The music videos perfectly visualizes the playful mood of the song with its bright colors and Block B members goofing around. Mirroring the story from the song lyrics, Block B members get suspicious of their girl and hilariously stalk her only to find out that she is dating all of them at the same time.

It’s great to have Block B back in town, active as a whole group after recent individual releases from Zico, Park Kyung and their sub-unit Bastarz. We hope you will enjoy “YESTERDAY” and give it a listen now!

Watch Block B - YESTERDAY - Dance Practice
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