• Title: Some (썸 탈꺼야)
  • Artist: Bolbbalgan4
  • Runtime: 3:06   Language: Korean
  • Date: October 10, 2017

Bolbbalgan4 brings us warm feelings that are cute and pure with their newest track, “Some”, from their latest mini-album “Red Diary Page.1”. It is a song of confession, a declaration of feelings for the one dearest in our hearts.

Bolbbalgan4 sings about how difficult it is for a warm girl to confess her feelings. She’s confused, pushing and pulling, with thoughts of him—and only him-- in her head until finally, she gets the courage to ask him out.

With resolution, she decides to have ‘something’ with him, the one person that she likes. She’ll be pestering him with sweet-nothings, but at the same time she’ll be bracing herself from the possibility of a painful rejection. She will try to be with him, even if it would feel like she’s precariously hanging half of her heart onto him.

Some” is such a sweet song with different rhythms that gives emphasis to the diverse feelings of loving someone, especially ones that brings forth the courage to express admiration and infatuation rather than playing hard to get.

The music, specially complemented by Bolbbalgan4’s unique and addicting voice color, combined with a charming video that showcases the duo’s quirky sides will give you such feel good vibes. Go ahead and watch the music video of “Some” and give Bolbbalgan4’s “Red Diary Page.1” mini-album much love!

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