• Title: Brand new days ~What Kind of Future~
  • Artist: BTOB
  • Runtime: 4:08   Language: Japanese
  • Date: September 10, 2017

Brand new days ~What Kind of Future~ (Brand new days ~どんな未来を~) is the 7th Japanese single of BTOB. As established by the title, this is a very cheerful and forward-looking song that anticipates a bright future and brand new days.

The visual concept for the first half of this MV is the theme of summer vacation, as members engage in a variety of relaxation activities, ranging from a leisurely visit to the beach, spending time with friends, or traveling elsewhere for a holiday trip, all to rest and recharge for any future endeavors they may want to embark on. In the second half, we see them dressed in formal attire and returning to their professional routines after the break, but even then, they are surrounded by colorful decorated flowers that add vibrancy to the goals they’ve set for themselves at this new beginning, becoming even more driven to create the future they want.

The lyrics also echo this, discussing how one can make progress towards their dreams step by step, and that there will always be multiple opportunities to pursue what we truly desire. Also, it adds that while we pursue those aspirations, the friends around us will be supporting us, as the members are seen doing in the video.

In the end, we should all take to heart the very encouraging theme of this MV and apply it to our own lives so that we too, can rise above obstacles and strive for our goals with renewed energy.

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