• Title: Not Today
  • Artist: BTS
  • Runtime: 4:50   Language: Korean
  • Date: February 26, 2017

Not Today” is the second new track from BTS’ newest special album “You Never Walk Alone” that gets its very own music video. Highly contrast to their earlier track, “Spring Day” which was gentle and mellow, “Not Today” brings back BTS’ signature vibe of fiery fierceness.

BTS is known for their lyrics which represent the passion and vigour of the youth and “Not Today” is no exception. They’re telling the world they won’t give up no matter what, at least “Not Today”, and they believe in each other. Just listening to the upbeat vibe of the song is guaranteed to make you feel motivated even if you aren’t sure of the lyrics! And of course, the song is accompanied by an amazing choreography created by Keone Madrid and as anticipated, performed tightly by BTS. The music video also features beautiful cinematography just like in “Spring Day” to please the eyes so be sure to check “Not Today” out!

If you love BTS and their performances, you would be thrilled to know that BTS has kicked off their “The Wings Tour” worldwide since their first concert in Seoul on 18-19 February! The tour will be from March through to May and include Chile, Brazil, USA, Thailand, Hong Kong, Philippines, Indonesia and Australia so don’t forget to check their website out to see if they’re coming to your city!

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