• Title: Spring Day (봄날)
  • Artist: BTS
  • Runtime: 5:28   Language: Korean
  • Date: February 19, 2017

Friendship is the most precious affection in life. While friends may not be together all the time, their thoughts for each other will never stop. Included in BTS' newest album "You Never Walk Alone", "Spring Day" (봄날) vividly described how it felt like to think of friends.

The lyrics were straight to the point and expressed how much the hero missed his friends. Without friends being around, even August feel like the winter. If he can see his friends faster, he is willing to incarnate into a small piece of dust and fly over. If he could, he would even erase his friends off his memories, because that hurts less than resenting them. When the spring comes and the flowers bloom, it is the time for a reunion.

In the music video, each of BTS' seven members played a part in the friendship. While they are in different places around the world, they have never stopped thinking of others. When revisiting the familiar places, they pictured the scenes where all the friends were together. This made them miss each other even more. Then they got on the train on their ways to reunion, and their eagerness to meet flies like the fast-moving train. When they finally got together, even the world became warmer and brighter.

While people always talk about love nowadays, friendship seemed have been forgotten by many. However, the power of friendship is tremendous. It is a miraculous affection that never expires with time. As sang in the song, it melts the winter's snow and bloom the flowers; it brings hope and vitality to the world. If you have been too busy to be in touch with your friends lately, maybe it is the time to cherish once again.

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