• Title: Aria (アリア)
  • Artist: Bump of Chicken
  • Runtime: 6:31   Language: Japanese
  • Date: October 2, 2016

"Aria" is a new single by "Bump of Chicken" and the theme song for TBS Japanese TV drama, "Aogeba Toutoshi." The first thing that grabs your attention immediately is the organ type intro that gives way into a high paced guitar and bass. These two instruments compliment each other throughout the whole song, their up beat tempo almost enough to get your head bobbing to the beat subconsciously. Fujiwara's soft and cool voice combines so well with the music to give the listener an unrealistically upbeat and cool sensation when listening to the song.

The MV is beautiful, the band is playing in a room that's decorated with lights hanging from the ceiling, giving the whole room a blue and white hue that mixes with the meaning of the song. The song is about not wanting to forget and you (or perhaps Fujiwara) couldn't say anything to someone important back then. The tone of the music plus the smooth vocals delightfully compliments the more melancholy lyrics.

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