• Title: Sorry For The Wait (久等了)
  • Artist: Butterfly
  • Runtime: 4:06   Language: Mandarin
  • Date: September 4, 2016

The former cute and bubbly kids channel host, Butterfly, has successfully metamorphosed into a sexy goddess in her newly released first EP “Sorry For The Wait”! The song describes a woman, who has a boyish hobby of collecting Jordan shoes, transforming into a feminine and confident woman looking for her Mr. Right. As two words in the Chinese title of the song “久等” sounds similar to “Jordan”, many references of Michael Jordan are made in the MV. Butterfly, being a Michael Jordan fan herself, is seem lying in a huge box full of Jordan shoes and dancing in “Chicago Bulls” basketball jersey in the MV.

With the fusion of Twerk, Hip Hop and Swag, Butterfly flaunts her great dancing skills in the MV, with guidance from the famous singer Show Lo, who is also her current boss. This is also the first time Butterfly took up the challenge to rap in English, which is performed with Wave and Popping dance moves to enhance the overall style of the MV. Famous song producer Starr Chen produced and arranged the song, ensuring that Butterfly’s first released EP will be a success!

Watch Butterfly - Sorry For The Wait - Dance Version
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