• Title: Three People (三人行) Feat. GBOYSWAG & Show Lo
  • Artist: Butterfly
  • Runtime: 4:00   Language: Mandarin
  • Date: November 26, 2017

Every girl wants to find her perfect love. But what if two good guys appeared at the same time? How to handle this situation with the best ending? In Butterfly's (愷樂) Three People (三人行), it described this kind of situation.

Composed by GBOYSWAG (鼓鼓) and Mickey Lin (米奇林), Three People is included in Butterfly's newest album Black Butterfly (黑蝴蝶). GBOYSWAG and Show Lo (羅志祥) also voiced in and contributed to the music video. The lyrics, written by GBOYSWAG, narrated the triangular love story in which Butterfly lingered between GBOYSWAG and Show Lo. As described in the song, Butterfly was hard to please, clumsy, and not gentle enough like other girls. She did not know who was the best for her and could not decide who she loved more and wanted to be with. In response, GBOYSWAG expressed that he completely devoted to her and was willing to do everything for her; whereas Show Lo committed that he would take her to fun places and protect her from harm and fear. However, even though they both love Butterfly very much, they respected her and wished her happy regardless who she chose.

In the music video, Butterfly, GBOYSWAG, and Show Lo walked down the streets in Tokyo, and had the reunion on a waterfront platform. With long blue coat and long curly hair, Butterfly walked out her free and easy style on a Japanese street. At the meanwhile, GBOYSWAG followed her steps and demonstrated his fellowship and care for her. It would be a perfect match until Show Lo made his appearance also in the most famous “robot restaurant” in Japan. Finally, the three met in the waterfront after walking from different places within the city. Although both boys loved Butterfly, the three spent a wonderful time together, as the true love is to wish the loved one happy and the best.

Triangle love is a hard choice for everyone, because it is impossible to choose one without hurting the other. If you ever are involved in this situation, it is wise to keep in mind the tidemark of love. Most of all, love someone means to see that person happy and joyful, rather than bringing in trouble and annoyance.

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